Succession Planning

Do you have a plan in place for the succession of your business? What happens to your clients if you are suddenly unable to work?

Or, are you looking to grow your book through the acquisition of other practices?

Whether you’re looking to get a succession plan in place, provide continuity for your clients, or grow your book, we can help you find a succession planning solution.

Succession Plans

Want to plan for your eventual retirement or a sale of your business? We’ll connect you with a likeminded advisor and act as a liaison to allow you to develop a succession plan that helps to ensure you and your clients are taken care of.


Looking to acquire a financial practice? We can help facilitate conversations with advisors looking to sell, and can also provide financing opportunities.

Continuity Planning

Even if you don’t need a full succession plan quite yet, a continuity plan can help ensure the continuation of your business should you pass, or become disabled. Start with an emergency continuity plan with Jordan Creek, and we’ll help you develop a more comprehensive plan with an advisor who is similar to you.

Need help planning for your succession?

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