Insurance Advisors

Helping Insurance Advisors Grow Their Investment Business

As an insurance agent, you have a sizeable client base and have written hundreds of life, disability, and long-term care policies. But have you done all you can to help your clients plan for their financial future? More and more, clients are looking for comprehensive services from their trusted professionals. With Jordan Creek Financial Solutions, we can help you grow your existing financial business and even help you transition an existing book of commissions into recurring fee-based revenue.

Why Independence?

We understand that becoming an independent advisor is a big change for your practice, and one that you shouldn’t make lightly. But you won’t be starting from square one. At Jordan Creek, we provide a roadmap for the setup of a successful practice, including technology stack suggestions, branch-directed portfolio models, client acquisition strategies, and more.

Our staff not only has decades of experience helping insurance advisors transition to become independent, they’ve also done it themselves. By joining Jordan Creek, you’ll be able to work with people who have been in your shoes and get real advice about what works and what doesn’t. We’ll help you navigate the entire process to ensure a smooth transition.

Realize the freedom to build your practice however you see fit with our unwavering support, and the support from our broker-dealer, Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. Cambridge is one of the largest and most well-regarded firms in the nation. They have the resources and know-how to support a wide variety of business mixes and specialized focuses.

Ready to Receive Superior Support?

Solutions for Insurance Advisors

Fee-based Resources

Want to do more for your clients under a fee-based engagement, but unsure where to start? Leave it to us! We’ll take you through a step-by-step process that focuses on changing your practice to support fees, while remaining compliant throughout.

Advisor Support

Our team has decades of experience navigating the advisor/financial institution relationship. We will provide real value and have the expertise to get things right the first time.


With Cambridge, we have access to the latest financial technology. CLIC®, Cambridge’s comprehensive online business environment, can be integrated easily into your practice to allow you to better serve banking customers.

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